RUGA is a destructive scheme.
The controversy trending about the decision of the President Mohammadu Buhari administration to establish colonies for heard men is generating reactions from Nigerian public. This is a case of failure to consult and carry along relevant stakeholders in policies and decision making in government.

Why will Federal government not develop research institutes like Proda in Enugu, hydes and Skins in Zaria, Transportion and Manufacturing, Rubber and Palm oil plantations in Edo, Delta, Rivers, Imo States? Why are you not investing in Agro-allied sectors in Plateau and Kaduna States. The Nnewi Industrial initiative remains dead due to noptistic sentiment of the Federal government against the South East.

The River Basin development initiatives was designed to address some of these conflicts but they are deprived of funding and expertise. Nepotism is killing these initiatives because you are more interested in putting structures to accommodate unspecified interests. Mr President, Coal is under our soils and illegal mining of natural resources like tin, diamonds etc are going on across the North without defined federal government interests. Should that not bother you?

What category of Nigerians do you plan to employ with RUGA? Why would you deliberately want to create communities for herdsmen across Nigeria understanding very well the sensitive attachments to land by our culture and traditions? Why will the Federal Government not give the choice of decision to interested States and communities? The Federal Government has not prosecuted most herdsmen arrested for killings across Nigeria and you believe that a sane reasonable society will want you to domicile suspected killers and lawless herdsmen within their environment? This is a huge joke sir. With the impunity of these herdsmen is a subtle strategy to entrench Islam and associated interests. No Christian will embrace your argument until you create corridors of harmony across the Nation.

RUGA is a deception intend to provide beachhead for the establishment of pecuniary aspirations and one would have thought that Nigerian government will be more concerned about exporting beef rather than endorsing lawlessness. Herders are by choice and business preference of individuals rather than government establishments.

What truly is the game plan?
The government turned their eyes and freely allowed these armed criminals among these herdsmen from sources unknown to Nigerians to move about without setting up unbiased security structures to stop such illegality, apprehend and prosecute these criminals. When we do not believe in nor trust the government, how can we trust the herdsmen will respect our privacy, cultural/religious boundaries and public peace?

We need industrialisation and not RUGA Mr. President and Commander in Chief sir, You body language send very unfriendly signals. You have demonstrated preference for idealogies which promotes Islam rather than patriotism and statesmanship. You have less than 4 years to leave office and no signs indicates your interest in opening up the Port Harcourt Wharf and dregging of the River Niger for ease of economic pains in the South of Nigeria. The routes to the South East from Lagos are besieged by Customs, Police and other agencies whose primary task is to frustrate our people and extort money and properties. RUGA IS A SWINE. God will not allow it to succeed. Give us industries please and keep RUGA to yourself. Employ over 50 million unemployed Nigerian youths and develop alternative social engagement structures. Fund our colleges and universities and promote research in fields of interest to give Nigerians a worthy future.

                      Dilichukwu Ononugbo 1/7/19