The Thinking Cap. Our Choice of Leadership



Ononugbo Alfred Dilichukwu FCFIP
Social commentator and good governance advocate.  

It is clear that most political analysts are pushing out their views and opinions trying hard to appeal to our reasons.
I however wish to ask if the over 70% of the Nigerian population made up of youths are ignorant of the facts that either way, we simply endorsing one form of incompetence and unethical conduct in exchange for another?
Buhari is not only incompetent but inconsiderate while Atiku remains a moral burden on the Nigerian nation. Our argument does not favor the over 200 million Nigerians who shall be transferring or reaffirming their mandate in the next few months.

We hardly look before we leap. Most of us have fallen victim to political jobbers and party touts whose aspirations are to sweet tongue their way to the stollen funds of these politicians. It is sad that we quickly forget the failed state of our institutions and economic infrastructures.

We must reflect on our choices and appreciate that our decisions today will determine the destinies of generations of our children.

Must we vote political parties that have failed to establish their relevance in the aspirations of Nigerians rather than individuals with the competence to redefine and drive our collective dreams and aspirations of nationhood? I think we might be hurting our future if we fail to listen to all the candidates before we make certain democratic decisions.

God help Nigeria.