The Thinking Cap, Our Choice

                    THE THINKING CAP SERIES II


Written by
Good Governance Advocate

Nigerian leaders have worked hard and earned us the stigma and unenviable global status of rebranding fraud. What is threatening is that these evil products have evolved as a culture and acceptable social status. Morality and credibility are no more the acceptable subjects within our considerations when making critical public services choices of leadership in our society.

Even most of the religious whose role it is to serve as the models, conscience and moral guage by selfless leadership in our society are beneficiaries of fraud.

What and how can justify the choice of candidates with burdens of ethical liabilities as drivers of the destinies of over 200 million Nigerians?

Are there scarcity of candidates of merit and competently qualified to lead Nigeria or are we simply ignorant and blinded by interests that serves their greed, personal gains but detrimental to our national aspirations?

Nigerians must accept whatever choice they make however, it is inconceivable that any individual who have been exposed to crime and manifested disposition to yield to fraudulent tendencies can change simply because you assigned him to lead. Fraud is a crime that is cultivated and nurtured mentally which takes advantage of opportunities without recourse to ownership and compliance to established process for the transfer of properties.
Criminals are restrained in prisons and kept away from responsibilities of public trust. Why are we doing this great harm to Nigeria? Choosing our leaders from the best acceptable questionable candidates rather of nurturing and grooming competently qualified and meritorious leaders through our public and private services systems?

These candidates have a known history of violation of basic regulations of the public service in Nigeria, acquired wealths far beyond their remunerated services to the Nigerian public, conducted public duties in total disregard and contempt of the provisions of the law, oath of office and regulations of service, yet we are clamouring for their candidacy?

The future smells of catastrophe and certainly I sincerely will not be expecting much if we silence our consciences and go the way the media and political benefactors are promoting our political candidates. 😭💔😡