Nnamdi Kanu & The Fourth Dimension

                    Nnamdi Kanu's Second Coming.

I have patiently and carefully analysed the recent developments with our dear brother and leader of the IPOB.

While I am aware that people may be avoiding expressing their position for the fear of being misquoted or villified by his supporters and adherents I will sincerely advise that we thread with optimal caution.

I have no doubt that NK's rise to prominence on the tides of Biafran actualisation has attained and epic accomplishment and must not be in doubt. The joy that he survived the python dance contraption by the lawless security agencies led by the Nigerian Army is certainly a welcome new to the generality of Ndigbo and even other ethnic nationalities. An action driven by poor operational judgement and total disregard for ethical and acceptable standard procedures.

However, the truth must be told that the style and choice of Nnamdi Kanu in my opinion does not and fails to take into consideration that he is using the Biafran agitation to engage institution of authority and draws no lines between his personal agenda and the interested of over 60 million Ndigbo across Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu in an Igbo man but holds a British citizenship and has strong support base among Ndigbo in Diaspora. The attitude of most Igbo political class and the deliberate or perceived anti Ndigbo policies as well as the stigmatisation of Ndigbo as a result of the Biafran conflict for over 50 years since after the war provides a hatching ground for the sentiments against the Nigerian arrangements. Even our political class act like house boys and house girls in the corridors of powers. They are a collection of greedy, self serving, vicious characters. Mindless predators and fraudulent drain pipes who prefers to collect pittance from the tables of political benefactors rather than represent the interests of those on whose mandate they rose to political offices.

The alleged distortions in the Nigerian constitution and refusals of subsequent governments under the leadership of the military has contributed in breeding distrust on the intention of the government under any arrangement to unite the country and provide an inclusive and equal consideration in the administration of Nigeria. The failure of the government to compensate and accommodate Ndigbo as equal partners in the Nigerian project is another source of grievance to Ndigbo.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should however learn from history. You can not go to the bank with the promises of men in corridors of power and cannot engage in a conflict with the capability of diminishing the good will of Ndigbo worldwide. An adult of Kanu's age and exposure should understand that diplomacy and tact are potent applications in negotiations. It is not in doubt his personal networth and asset value is inconsequential asside the resources of donors and sponsors of his activities. He owes these loyal subscribers to the IPOB agitation some protective consideration and should consider the welfare of the victims of the agitation and their families. He should weigh carefully his choice of words.

His admittance of the severe casualties and loss of Igbo sons and daughters during the military invasion on his family and parents private homes are pointer to the exposure to risks involved. He should explore counsel and approach his activities with informed maturity and consideration.

He cannot be told how to go about the business of an organisation he founded and whose membership is voluntary but the safety of others if indeed he is a leader should be priority in his consideration.

Ukpana okpoko gbulu, nti chili ya. Wisdom is measure by the application of knowledge and not by oratory.

Mazi Dilichukwu. FCFIP,