The Structure of Values

When a divine contemplation is interrupted by evil, it simply suggests that the connections with the immortal God  has been tampered with by the ignorance of the mortals who takes counsel from the evil altars.
My meditations on a leader's love, drove me to the fear that pseudo nationalism is the worst form wickedness that will ever happen to a society.

Nationalism inspires hope and dreams in the heart of exploited and subjected people. It proclaims liberty for generations that have in pains and ponder longed to shout uhuru. However it is an adventure of the vulnerables. It is often plagued by sentiments rather than process and procedures guaranteed to deliver on the peoples aspirations.

Therefore unconditional love and loyalty becomes the advocacy and mantra to purchase the dedication, allegiance and determination of the followers in order to pay the needed price that most often are not rewarded by delivery on the dividends by the leaders.

Nigeria is like a poisoned water and poisoned air environment. While other climes have similar plagues, they were able to figure out their challenges and dedicated themselves as leaders seeking building values while exploring for the solutions to address the need of their society. They believe that they have no perfect answers to the plague in the land but essential measure must be put in place to secure lives. These are the traits of leaders. They are solution seekers and not opportunists and fraudulent manipulators.

It is so easy to see the politicians and heads of private and the public establishments whose conducts unfortunately serve as endorsement of the society's values and moral standards. The content of any society manifests in the conducts of her people. We are, each one of us the structures of the leadership circle of our society. Without the willing givers of grafts there cannot be perverted benefactors

A nation that believe in the future of her people dedicates their resources to develop and build their values and not just infrastructures. Infrastructure without value is generational poverty, mark of lack of vision and monumental waste of human capital asset. This is the line that divides leaders from predators. It can only take a true and visionary leader to see the tomorrow of of their people yesterday.

Where are the leaders?
We crave for leaders to give us a new Nigeria.
God Help us.

Dilichukwu Al