Meditations on Man's Labor and God's Favor.

I had an interesting subject of meditation today on the issue of God's favor and man's labor.
Labor is man's process of placing his efforts by defined tasks in order to realise means for comfort and security. It is a natural and a celebrated culture for a man to labor and offer services before he can enjoy the benefits through patronage.

Those who see no need to labor often steal from the rewards of those that labor and serve.

However the dimension of interest and I make no apology for this is that there is what is called "favor". This is the manifestation of God in his kindness towards man through peoples to deliver unsolicited benevolence.

God's favor brings a turning around that often attracts benefits and change to the lives and status of the devotees. He is benevolent to all of humanity but can only be recognised by those who have made commitment in a defined spiritual relationship with him.

It is not compulsory that we make this commitment however the rewards for those in a relationship of this nature with God is practically incomprehensible.

His favor comes however with timing. We are required to meet some character and conduct standards in order to have the capability to appreciate God's favor. It follow a simple and common logic. You cannot recognise nor appreciate the magnanimity and benevolence of one whom you share no relationship with. Our position and connections among men are inconsequential.

God's favor will do what no human labor can do for us however this is not an excuse for delinquency or laziness. Knowledge is the only platform through which we can gain understanding and wisdom. Wisdom therefore enables us to appropriate knowledge profitably for our human mutual benefits appreciate what is good.

Therefore it is given to those that do know their God to do exploits and be strong.
Thank God that we can obtain favor and grace in times of need through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Secondly I have thought of the challenge of engaging in Nigeria's democratic process and without any prejudice, and how the unethical standards involved in the process can compromise the holiest of the holiest of the angels. The greed, intrigues and power plays are worrisome signs to the participation  of the peoples of faith.
The teachings of Jesus Christ promotes selfless and Accountable leadership or stewardship which is alien to our democratic traditions and practices in Nigeria.

But our inability to give legitimate and informed voice to the democratic culture is a fraud against generations of Children from  faith families by misguided Gospel and Religious devotees providing perverted individuals the free stakes to exploit the the public and demolish the sacred values and duties of leadership.

Parents, institutions and National orientation agencies should understand the enormity of this situation and cultivate an appropriate feedback mechanism that puts in correct perspective democratic values, responsibilities and it's benefits. This should serve as veritable preservation for the structures of public services and inculcation of patriotic ideals.

Written by
Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Good Governance Advocate and Civic Rights Campaigner.