Dilichukwu Ononugbo.  

Greetings and compliments of the day.
I believe the Nigerian situations calls for sober reflections and sincere analysis.

As a people our concerns grows by the day and the misleadership deepens with almost every activities of political administrations.

What has these led us to as a people?
The answers are obvious to all enlightened Nigerians, one would assume, with every air of certainty. The people of Nigeria have been taken from competitive democratic aspirations to deafning contempt and impunity against ethical values and conduct of governance. Our aspirations are mere media positions and official political statements while the realities on ground remain the contrast.

We cannot claim to be Nigerians, with our children born as Nigerians, watching the dimensions things are going without any form of response or reactions. We have once had good dreams of the future but not anymore except for those of us with the eyes of faith and motivations inspired from reading and meditations on God's word.

There is palpable uncertainty in the land. Benefactors cannot speak out becaused they wish to protect their sources of livelihood. The people are afraid to express their minds because the instruments of the state and growing lawlessness could be deployed under any guise to hunt them and eliminate them. Power have fallen into the hands of people with dysfunctional personalities and very low score self worth. These inform why punishable breach of due process and procedures of public or civil services could be committed without consequences at all levels of political, spiritual and public as well as private sectors. Individuals have become Lords and effectively manipulate the institutions and instruments of governance with utter contempt.

Anarchy is the state of disorder due to the absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.
This gloomy definition suggests the picture of Nigeria and our operating institutions. Chinua Achebe the literary genius of blessed memory would have needed to write a revised version of his book "Things Fall Apart". The state of things in Nigeria and conduct of public officer is terrorising and intimidating.  The rules are completely reversed and so was every expectations of Nigerians from those entrusted with their sacred mandate through the electoral process.

I want to serve Nigerians as President but I am concerned with the adage which states "A tree cannot make a forest"
As a good and patriotic president,  there will be need for good Vice President, patriotic Senators, Credible National Representatives, accountable Governors,  Ministers,  competent and informed State House of assembly members, honest and credible public servants and other constitutional public services establishments like the Police, DSS,  Army, Customs, Immigration, NDLEA, and etc.

Without national values and mutual commitment to ethical behavior by public officers we are certainly on the transit point to extinction. The judicial system and the administration of justice system have since caved in due to poor supervision and indiscipline. The unpatriotic values embedded in ethnic considerations and contempt for the rules of public administration have assumed a monster proportion in the services. Promotions and appointment defies merit in preference for connection and exclusive interests.
What a pity!!!.

I sincerely wonder how much of the true Nigeria, we shall transfer to, or bequeath our children and generations after them.

The poverty, collapsed health institutions, insecurity, unemployment, poor standards of living, intellectual flights, avoidable deaths, decomposed social infrastructures, wrong values and intolerance motivated by premodial and subtle manipulations by political jobbers, ethnic discriminations cuts across the entire nation with the exclusion of the political billionaires who stand indivisible and vehemently united while sharing the loots from our national wealth. Political appointments are done along family lines and as patronage to vested interests against the rule and constitutional provisions.
The family institutions is near total extinctions and the values completely obliterated. Morality  and our once revered cultural heritage has been desacrated and thrown to the waste bins in preference for anti social behaviours. The wealthy own the financially disadvantaged. The politicians acquire the rest of the country as slaves and not equal stakeholders in this 21st century Nigeria.

My prayer.

The good Lord and God of life and immortality should remember us and put the need and urgency for a new Nigeria and united people in our hearts to rise up against the squandering of both our National values and material resources.
The catalogue of Nigerian leaders had, in the past and up to the present, performed abysmally while complimenting themselves with sponsored media ovations.

The old National Anthem should be our rallying point anthem and take off inspiration for the #reinventonenigria project.
We can do what money, weapons and threats cannot achieve with God ahead, with and behind us. Nations were built by people and so also nations were destroyed by people. Let us do our bit and give our sacrifices of selfless services, then, leave the rest for God.
One vow I make is that I will never sink with Nigeria. As God lives and I take my breath from Him, I am rising from the garbage dumps with Nigeria for our Children and Children's children.

Let us #reinventonenigeria.
Let us build again for our generations behind
Let us sacrifice without fear or favor.
Let us create our brand of Nigeria

Nigeria we hail thee
Our own dear native land
Though tribe and tongue may differ
In brotherhood we stand
Nigerians all Are proud to serve
Our sovereign Mother land.