The death that kills mortals is often found from within and around them.
Death can never aim at nothing as target. Death kills nothing that has no life, no aspirations, no worth and no prospects. It is embedded within her victims and beneficiaries. Death is the evil that stubbornly cohabit like a predator among her targets. It has no remorse and keeps no friends nor acquaintance. When mortals court intimacy with death, while aspiring for life, it turns out a satirical tragedy, yet, our short memories forgets so soon.

I bet some of us who were of the age of accountability by 1988 when the British-Indian born novelist and essayist penned the letters of the book in reference above will be alarmed at my choice of this controversial and highly disputed piece of work by Mr. Salman Rushdie.

Well, I have a totally different reference here, as I pondered on the roles of the masquerades in the Nigerian calamity. The class of people's whose endorsement guaranteed the death knell fastened to the coffins of Nigeria's decomposing existence.

The class of Nigerians called the middle class. The pretenders and silent destroyers. The conscienceless class whose indifference have created a gulge and licenced the locust of inept political class whose only credential in leadership is either their ethnic background or connections to the rich and powerful. They are the verse from Satan killing Nigeria and perverting our values. The middle class is the covering for the conscience of the ruling class and evidence often advanced as their achievements for the society. Once the middle class are accommodated,  the ruling class claims to have discharged their social responsibilities successfully. They shield the political class from being identified with their disservice to the masses.

Oh my good God, Nigeria has suffered. How we came about these poisonous brand of mortals beats my imagination.

Morbid and cold blooded accomplices. The middle class can never be identified to be rich but they have never been poor. The poor gets poorer while the rich gets richer but the middle class stays stable and unpertubed. The conspiracy of the middle class is their capability to gain from the corrupt rich and exploit the deprived poor. They are like the motuary attendants who derives benefits both from the living and the dead.

Nigeria's middle class owes us explanation. They should explain why they have never stood against the hostilities and massive looting happening in Nigeria instead they facilitated it. We need to understand how they managed to fare well and remained the strongest pillars of strength to the ruling class despite their failures to deliver on their social contracts with Nigerians. They are the administrators of Nigeria's common wealth while the political class are the executive managers. The ruling class are the benefactors, the middle class are the operators and the masses are the beneficiaries.

We must identify as Nigerians, who our enemies truly are. The saying that a friend of my enemy is my enemy might apply to the middle class. They share no losses from the failure of leaderships just the same way they exhibit indifference to the perverted process that produces the leaders of Nigeria. The middle class earns their statutory remunerations while the masses starve and are deprived of the basic social welfare and economic actualization.

They are trusted by the Nigerian masses and also collaborates with the ruling class. The middle class ought not to share vested interest in order to discharge their duties as unbiased umpires and arbiters. But this is not to be since they traded their sacred oath and betrayed the trust of the Nigerian masses. They claim they are not colluding nor conspiring against Nigerians but without them, the ruling class can never successfully defraud the masses of Nigeria.

Should the middle class ask questions,  the political leaders will shiver to their spines. When a true representatives of the middle class calls out the soceity, the masses will comply. The institutions will object to the dishonourable task of endorsing incompetence and mediocrity.

The masses will rise against mundane pursuits to aspire and dedicate themselves to values and purpose.
The Nation will resurrect and rise like the stars of heaven
The world will see a New Nigeria.
Oh our country and our dream.
Then Nigeria we have a name and people and the national anthem will have both value and meaning. It will become the chant of patriotic voices.
The middle class is Nigeria's missing tribe.

Written by
Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Good Governance Advocate and Civic Rights Campaigner.