Dilichukwu Ononugbo is a good governance advocate and Civic Right Campaigner

I guess the reputations of Shekau and men in his mould must have been desacrated by stained hands with human bloods. The senseless crusade of evil by the terror leader has claimed over 20 thousand human lives and brought hardships to communities in Nigeria.

Nevertheless I kept pondering how a sane person could conduct his affairs and act in such manner yet men and women would pledge their loyalties to him. I certainly know that apart from terror and violence, his followers were attracted by certain leadership qualities.

Shekau became leader of the Boko Haram terror group shortly after the death of Yusuf, an action for which many blamed his captors for his extra judicial killing. I will leave the details for another day
But what could have made Shekau a brand in such a short period?

Most political leaders in Nigeria cannot boast of a percentage of genuine followership and hardly has any if not for their occupying positions which promises some benefits and advantages for political compensations and patronage. They have no personal leadership skills and capabilities but the abuse of public office and resources to buy or manipulate followership.

This informs why most Nigerian leaders, do not believe in merits, because most of them are not occupying their positions of leadership on merit. It is an acquired position which were made possible either by sponsorship,  stolen public funds, fraudulent acquisition of wealth , manipulations or businesses involving scams of disproportionate scales.

Kindly read the above and slowly too. Does it sound like you have met such personalities in the corridors of power before?

These inform why our perverted brand of democracy in Nigeria cannot produce true leaders nor leadership. I guess people might dislike me for my opinion.

Shekau never bought followers same also goes for Nnamdi Kanu, Gani Adams,Niger Delta Militant leaders etc. They spoke the "truth" and have demonstrated by their lifestyles, at least to majority whose only contact with these characters are the things they say and tales about them from those who mystified their simplicity and values. They had the capacity to touch the pains and give hope to their admirers and adherents.

How I wish most of our leaders understand that we don't believe anything they say and we do not trust them.
We are compelled to accept them because that is the only way we can survive the bitting hardship crippling our societies and destroying our aspirations. We have been intimidated to accept them as the only viable alternatives in the absence of authentic and honest leaders. Failure to pledge our false allegiance could be fatal including hostilities, loss of benefits and sometimes our lives as punishment for not participating in the sycophancy and often sponsored endorsement.

Shekau, Nnamdi Kanu, Gani Adams, Asari Dokubo etc are more popular and have more followerships than the President of Nigeria to the lowest politically elected councillors in Nigeria if we should go on merit and unmanipulated headcount. If there is true democracy in Nigeria today, most pretenders around these cosmetic leaders and quack resouces managers will certainly never choose them.

A false leader uses enticement, coercion, sponsored media advertisements, intimidation and misappropriation of public office and resources to perpetuate himself in positions of authority. The society becomes poorer while they manifest oppulence and unsubstantiated wealth without verifiable source.
Leadership should not cost us money to lead instead selfless services and dedication of our lives to improve the lots of others is undisputably the traits of true leaders.

Written by

Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Sunday 29th October 2017 - 04:05AM