Ononugbo Dilichukwu 
- Writes on the Emerging power block of second generation benefactors of the political power intrigues in post independent Nigeria.

Not often do men thread the part of truth and rarely do mortal value caution except it serves death and doom.

Very few Nigerians contemplate the consequences of abuse of oath of public office and this sacred excercise has become desecrated to the extent that even the sovereignty of God is treated with contempt and impunity.

Public offices and resources which are percived to be the act of God's benevolence to mankind but held on trust by the democratic mandate from the people have certainly lost such consideration. Make no mistakes, this concept is unpopular, unconventional and not comfortably acceptable to all.

Sadly while we are engaged in the analysis of the absurd, the most threatened generations and vulnerable in our societies are the youths. Aside working to get inadequate income, they are gradually been overwhelmed by invasions , inventions and technology. The information highway has enclosed their visionariness and deducted the consciousness of purpose and destiny off their contemplation.

The leaders and custodians of the Nigerian Project today have the unpleasant history of dabbling into politics without any form of guidance nor preparedness. They were mostly youths serving in the military and the first generation of post independencentre public officers.  Necessity must have beckoned on them but soon after they became insecure and failed to manage simple personality conflicts and professional misunderstanding amongst themselves. History tells us the events of things since then.

Despite their delinquent shortcomings they clung to political offices and engaged in experiments which today is responsible for the greatest and unquantifiable global confusion and social distortions in leadership. The exercise is growing and intensifying in all negative dimensions. Generations are growing on the two sides of the equation and certainly heading towards inevitable explosion point. The rich are getting extremely richer while the poor are getting extinguished. Breakdown of law and order even by law enforcement agencies, grave insecurity, breach of procedures for public administration, nepotism and usurping of public resources by private individuals while in the services of the public.

The irony is that the generation of emerging leaders have been distracted with toys and gadgets. They have lost their bearing and engaged in futile dissipation of intelligence and waste of productive hours, creative thinking and purpose driven interests.

 Our youths keeps their fingers on WhatsApp and social media, invest active productive moments watching novies, indulging in unaffordable social activities without planning to change the destiny of Nigeria through defined and well articulated political response. They have chosen leisure above diligence and prudent aspirations. They will ultimately loose out from the political bargain in the shortest future when the Internet and free media will loose their appeal and become classified as lethal weapons at the disposal of state enemies and to the heirs of the political class. The intorlerance will be directed at infrastructures and human assets that challenges the ilegitimate transfer of state wealth by those who inherited our common wealth, destroyed  our economy and our future. These descendants of evil will be unkind to these idle chatter and analysis of the moral Chronicles of their benefactors. Having successfully inherited authority and vested with the paraphernalia of office, they will restrict the access to the internet and deny the rest of the soceity the freedom to express their misgivings, have no access to the social or any media and the liberty to complain anymore about the misadventures of their parents.

I am not a prophet but the resources of Nigeria today is exclusively available to our political misleadership and their wards. I stand to be corrected. This is because they could not build an efficient services delivery culture. Their actions also indicates their distrust of the equitable distribution of our national wealth and therefore must secure their individual as well as family gratuity while they have access to the paraphernalia of public offices. The point is that an average leader or public officer pays him/herself pension through fraud and cares less of what becomes of the institutions when he or she is gone.

Let the search for men and women of integrity begin and Beware of the ides of Media.

In today's Nigeria, sponsored blackmail, criminal intimidation and  harassment has become become a veritable tool in the hands of our predators facilitated by the polarised and unprofessional media and social media quasi journalists.

We need the present political class not as leaders but reserved for accountability by credible leadership that will do a Forensic audit and assessment of their damage to the present and future of Nigeria and Nigerians.

The #reinventonenigeria project is like a John the Baptist voice, if only Nigerians will believe and heed our call.

If evil men and women are celebrated as heroes, it is only natural that their offspring would aspire to be equal or in most cases better than them. In our situation, the children raised with easy and fraudulent public resources will certainly discountenance hard work and selfless service to the society as their means of revenue. They will hold no values for anything, persons or institutions.

We must arise and build our today and insure our future.