FOOD FOR THOUGHT

                      Team Building leadership
                Written by Dilichukwu Ononugbo

One of the greatest challenge I found about leadership is that we cannot provide leadership without consumate influence and relevance. As the Project Executive of OGANIRUIGBO DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE, I have come to learn this from experience. It is absolutely impossible to lead until the people sees and understand the direction we should go and not necessarily where and how the leader sees as the direction.
This challenge changes, only when the team and not followers are developed through vision sharing.

We lack leadership that builds team. What we define as leadership in our context are individuals who most often manipulate the people, use them, compromise on the integrity of stewardship and betray the trust and mandate of public stewardship.
The true leadership task is the development of teams of leaders to maximise delivery of essensmntial service for human development and sustenance.
They are conscious of two things; the enormous demand to provide social security needs of the people and secondly their human incapacity as individuals without competent partnership with those that share similar vision and calling to meet their mandate.

We have suffered the simple malnutrition of true leaders who believe in building men. Leaders that recognize that the task they accepted was to develop resources for the generation of children coming into the world in fulfilment of Gods purposes.
We have suffered from men who usurped leadership responsibilities fraudulently in order to serve personal ends. Men who never had respect for nor possess the capabilities to recognise skills and the potentials of their equal stakeholders in national and community developments.

If those who believe in the true vision to develop Ndigbo or other ethnic groups or tribes no matter by what names they are called remain silent, they will provide a notice board for vendors to display hostile interests and services that will never serve the needs and necessities of the people. We have encouraged opportunistic social media practitioners to hijack our platform and turn our original vision of promoting development and building our children's future into jokes and comedy.
We have thrown our dreams like a loaf of bread to birds of the air.

Tell me what constructive achievements we have made with the tantrums and purposeless rambles of agitation and media holiganism without strategic development plans and implimentations.

We have moved the heart of responsible people to think of putting funds into definite projects to be established in in our communities as investors through senssensitization campaign efforts. We will remain committed to this reorientation and ideological nurturing project.

Many of us live in the comfort of safe and secure environment without realising that it took this same planning and implementation of ideas by some committed people as well as sacrifices to achieve such.

OganiruIgbo Development Initiative will not be distracted by anyone. It is not everybody that has believed in the vision of transferring wealth, development and opportunities back home in most social media platforms rather they are using the platforms to promote their own vision and programs. It will be a great disgrace if anyone who loves Igbo land and the dreams of true freedom for "Biafrans" ignores and destroys the calls and dreams of patriots to build systems that can feed and provide shelter, security and opportunities for our children and generations ahead. It will be a gross error to believe that the achievement of Biafra will automatically translate to prosperity and surplus funds for free meals. Without economic structures established in Igbo land the ranting of self actualization clowns remains and must be treated as conspiracy by enemies of the Igbos to expose us to the world and make us vulnerable for assaults.

If anyone truly loves Biafra and does not build the waste places of our lands, such persons are hypocrites and their blood lineage are questionable.

"Okpala na amaghi ama Nna ya...na atu aka na mbala ezi onye ozo"

Mazi Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Good Governance Advocate
Etiquette and Protocols Coach.
Associate Member: Certified Fraud Examiners. USA.