I have maintained a deep silence in my attempt to comprehend the recent travails of my country and peoples. It is worrisome to imagine that with men and women of excellent entrepreneurial track records we could be subjected to the status of pre colonial underdeveloped nation. We keep struggling at the lowest steps of socio-economic, political and cultural ladder.

The stigma we have acquired has become that of the notorious and bad brand in our conducts among the global community. Evil keeps diminishing our incredible landmark accomplishments by some very hard working and visionary Nigerians.

The few exceptional unpatriotic Nigerians have successfully entrenched their low values into our national identity and made every form of ethical breach become acceptable norms. Sadly the majority of Nigerians have been so intimidated or sedated with their evil spells and rewards of unrighteousness in the faces of poverty, economic insecurity and general scarcity that we are compelled to patronize evil for our survival.

These conditions started with few opportunistic, insecure and incompetent hands usurping the responsibilities of nation builders. They claimed they were nationalists and leaders but the status of Nigeria as a nation with restlessness, claims of marginalization today and the agitation for self determination making headlines. People are identified more in our society by what ethnic groups they come from rather than the common identity as Nigerians. Institutions are inundated with unspoken rancor and sublime preference over ethnicity rather than merit.

These unpatriotic power exclusion games provides real employments for criminals and predators that are exploiting the disadvantages of disunity and distrust to defraud and swindle the entire nation while counting on the ethnic sentiments as their shields and for their protections. Hardly will you find a public officer that is not involved in stealing and looting while playing the ethnic, philanthropic or religious cards against their victims. What a shame. Most billionaires are products of political contracts and financial fronts for political office holders whose benefits are allocated without considerations of the general interests of other Nigerians. Yet our society endorses these rogues and celebrates their evils. Every institutions of service, unfortunately, has been conquered by these scammers with their surrogates positioned as their covers. The amount of stealing and criminal acquisition of wealth going on in Nigeria is unprecedented and one billion police and anti crime agencies will require flushing the genetic traits of most Nigerians to eliminate this vice.

As the evil is with the.political class so it is with civil and public servants as well as the private sector. The beneficiaries of fraud are frauds and this eliminates every form of sentiments which excuses the acts as ignorance. We can continue to deny these truth but the future and destiny of all Nigerians and particularly the younger generation has been mortgaged and stolen from them. If you do not have access to money, you will be unable to purchase fresh air very soon. Energy, shelter, food, education, security, good drinking water, medicare etc are unaffordable and compulsorily on sale to the highest bidders. The middle class has been completely eliminated and lower class in our societies are agonized, traumatized and will soon die as a result of being traded off to give the wealthy their deserved comfort. Merit is dead and buried and any appearance of merit has assumed such contemptible status. I never sabi dis kind wickedness.

Most of those who lay claims to leadership are compounding the problems and plunging the nation further into more crisis while deliberately excluding the emerging generations and their leadership. So the next time we see all the exotic houses, cars, fashions and private yacht and jets just bear in mind that the probability of your children's diverted wealth fueling the pleasure of opportunistic billionaires and political jobbers may not be ruled out. Sadly these fraud does not have any end in sight as our entire society have been infected with the virus of indulgence and pleasure merchandising rather than prudent creative development of human capital assets. Our major brands are frivolity due to the influence of opportunistic wealth instead of served wages of honest services and labor. In very few years from now, most social welfare obligations of government will be extinct and only those who have access to privatized government services can a afford comfort while the rest of the population serves as slaves and private servants. The future of governance is looking disturbing.

No leader or public officer should delude him or herself, we know the value of leadership whenever we have one. We also know rogues and thieves even though we might lack the guts and courage to address them for what they are due to fear of harm against our interest or lives, we are sincerely tired of these black legs and we need the courage and united resolve to call their impunity to order.

Stealing our common wealth is bad but stealing the future and destiny of our children and generations unborn is outright sacrilege.  These nightmares must come to an end and those whose benefactors are the principal actors should call them to reason and make amends before it becomes too late. I smell calamity of unimaginable proportion looming. There is palpable anger and disenchantment in the land. Leaders are being stoned at public meetings and armed groups and agitators are sending negative signals to potential investor while we do not produce any meaningful things other than false political promises and deceit. Security establishments have been overwhelm and undermined by the third column elements within the rank and file. Crime can no longer be effectively detected and most times investigations and prosecutions are compromised depending on who is involved and their connection. Justice is sold to the highest bidders and these are clear indicators of anarchy and impunity. The vulnerable are manipulated with sponsored media while certificates are sold instead of development of knowledge and skills.

Tears.... Tears... and Tears...

Written By...

                    Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Good Governance Watchdog, Leadership & Civic Rights Advocate.

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