I am Igbo and a Wawa man from Enugu State with strong bonds and ties in Imo State.
Leadership has, as one of it's main tasks, to prepare a better future for generations after them. These includes education, welfare, food, Health care, shelter, security formidable emerging leadership through mentoring and associations etc.

It is arguably worth mentioning that the worst evil being committed in Nigeria today is the failure of the transition of leadership from the old to the young. This has sadly assumed a domestic demonic trend of leadership transfer to family members. An attempt by leaders to shield their failures and squander of the public sacred thrust, mask their frauds and violation of oath of service, escape probity and accountability

What this has done to our national psych is to groom extremely hostile perception of leadership and this poses the greatest threats to law and order. The breach of the leadership succession process has created severe animosity among communities and damaged relationships due to distrust.

The Igbo land just like most ethnic nationalities in Nigeria have thrived on political and leadership treachery, manipulations, intrigues and power play. It has equally evolved to the dangerous dimensions of assassinations, hatred, prejudice and blackmail.

Given this scenario, most interests, legitimately or otherwise stand the risk of falling victims to predators and possible eliminations. This is not exclusive to Ndigbo. However, it is worth mentioning that Igbos have by our nature of loudness and strategic showmanship, nurtured monsters which are not threatening but strategically consuming us.

An average Igbo political leader feels most insecure among his people such that they have to be guarded by armed security operatives for fear of elimination by their enemies. It is estimated that over 5,000 armed security guards are assigned to protect 500 Igbo politicians. These are individuals that are supposed to have the mandate of the majority of the members of their communities. Brandishing arsenals of doom and destructions within family, neighbourhood and communities sends very scary and dire signals obtainable only at war times to any form of beneficial or investment interests to Igbo lands. The collaboration of very few with state institutions like the security agencies is a deliberate breach of public order and compromise of the statutory obligations of the State to her people. State services agencies have been hijacked by elements of lawlessness and constitutional contempt. They cannot encourage development instead they create anarchy and disorder while enjoying the protection of state instruments of power and protection.

The spiral effect is that the failure of the political leaders has exposed the hardworking Igbo entrepreneurs to social and criminal threats. This development has unfortunately compelled the business men to seek security guards to cover their backs from the fallout of used and dumped youths within the communities. These young adults whose desperate efforts for survival and frustrations have been driven to the precipice of destructions resorts to organized criminal enterprises and activities in search for means and livelihood.
The traditional institutions through endorsement of rogue leaders have promoted contempt and disdain for responsible and accountable stewardship of public resources and encouraged the threatening decline in the respect for traditional establishments regarded as custodians and bastion of truth.

While we publicly deny the loss of values and moral rot  brought about by impunity of very few self styled rogue leaders masquerading with politics and businesses, the vast hardworking and credible Igbos have become victims of stigmatization and reprisals. Our bonds of brotherhood and hospitality are almost extinct and obliterated. Partnership in any known enterprise are dubbed with palpable suspicion and often impracticable. While 80% of Ndigbo investments are buried outside Igbo land non Igbo investors have less than 7% investments in the entire Igbo speaking Eastern Region. Despite the advantage of Port Harcourt, Calabar and other sea ports, distrust and insecurity has made commercial activities impossible in the region.

Why are our political leader parading our communities with armed troops of security guards? What are they afraid of? Who are those that they are leading, what kind of leaders are these that are afraid of those they claim to be leading? What style of leadership are they providing for Ndigbo.

Dr. M.I Okpara
Dee Sam Onunaka Mbakwe
Former Vice President 
Mbazurike Amaechi 

I will think that every genuine leaders derive their mandate from their people and have the society that gave such mandate as their first tier of protection and security? We have seen public leaders before this time and we can point at their achievements. From Nnamdi Azikiwe, Mbazuruike Amaechi, Dr. Akanu Ibiam to the M.I Okpala and through to Ojukwu, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Dee Sam Mbakwe, S.G Ikoku and others. These and many more others shared one traits in common. They were selfless and sacrificed personal interests and illegitimate acquisition of public resources. Some of them barely had decent personal homes. Not as though poverty is a standard but the demand of public service for a course and benefit of those we are called to lead. A genuine leader cannot live above the wealth distributions of those he leads. It is impossible since giving them a good future is extremely cost driven.

Why are people who attract the least of dividend and benefits to Ndigbo more conscious of their personal security than public services? I watched Senator Bu Mohammed being chased away by his constituents and I asked myself if these leaders are not reading the handwriting on the walls. We lack the culture of moderation and it will be pertinent to remind our political leaders that impunity begets impunity. Their use of tax payers resources to enrich themselves and protect personal interests are coming to an end and the institutions protecting the enemies of the people may be visited with the consequence of their colaboration with evil.

Written By:

Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Good Governance Watchdog, Protocol, Leadership and Civic Education Advocate.

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