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I still struggle like every other Nigerian and I find it very challenging reconciling our global rating with our well stocked human capital and material assets.

I firmly believe that Nigerians have a great dream and indeed look forward to the day we can have a nation of our collective aspirations and efforts. The National Pledge says and I quote
"I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength,
To defend her unity
And uphold her honor and glory,
So help me God"

At no time did the Nigerian Dream suggest that we shall be inhibited by ethnic fear, tribal sentiments and social inequality. It is alien to our founding Fathers dreams that we shall come to a time we dwell with so much distrust and perpetual ethnic suspicion and hatred.
The worry then is to find out how we came to this point. What manner of persons did the polity allow access to our sacred positions of human and resources management. How did Nigerians become more conscious of the ethnicity than our patriotic and mutually vested nationality?

With threats of global disintegration on religious, ethnic and economic grounds, we may not precisely predict the consequence on our nation. We are not in doubt any longer that we are suffering the backlash of globalization and the handiwork of political malnutrition. Opportunistic political jobbers toying and rehearsing their magic democracy and administrative incompetence with the destiny of the entire nation. The actions and conducts of our national resources managers have left so little to be desired.

We must come to terms that the electoral process must no more produce candidates of the political party's choice but popular people's mandate. It must be devoid of ethnic or religious preference or else we should hope for nothing less than anarchy and ruins very soon. The calamity will reduce the Rwandan Hutus and Tutsi genocide and the Bosnian and Serbs savage hostilities to child's play. We lack the capacity to maintain order on a normal good day less of when we have full blown armed conflicts which the ethno-religious agiiators are eagerly fanning the ambers to full fledged inferno.

A stitch in time saves all and not only nine...