President Muhammadu Buhari 
In the last few days, Nigerians have expressed their disappointment on the appointment of the new acting Inspector General of Police. Every indications points at the President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What I did not understand is if there is an institution of government or establishment vested with the duty of recommending qualified and competent personnel, based on professional track records and qualifications to Mr. President for approvals and appointments. 

If the practice of non ethnic federalism had been the case in selection of public office holders, one would have maintained a passive position over the development but when it is rather not the norm, it becomes natural for Nigerians to react and disagree with Mr. President. 

The oath of office sworn to by the president vested on him the moral duty to ensure that equity is applied in his administrative decisions. I am not ignorant of the fact that Nigerians have not had it good with the distribution of appointments by the political class. What I am thinking therefore is that we have serious concerns over the choice of public officer but it is worrisome if ethnicity or religion becomes the basis for making such decisions. I do not wish to believe that President Buhari applies ethnic considerations or religious affiliations in choosing public officers. 


If the former is the case, I want to believe that such decision did not go down well with Nigerians and he must learn to reconsider his actions in sensitive ethnic related political subjects. However if Mr. Presidents decision is based on merit and competence, he should be applauded by Nigerians. Merit has been a missing but recurrent decimal in political decisions in Nigeria. This probably accounts for the unwarranted anger and frustrations fanning the ambers of ethnicity and religious fundamentalism in Nigeria.

Merit must not be sacrificed on the alters of political, ethnic or religious considerations. The president must not pretend or feign ignorant of the imploding ethno-religious insinuations that often attends national policies and administrative decisions. While the ethnic predators and opportunists might find his actions as fertilizers for propagating their hate, divide and rule schemes thereby using such to gain self importance, the considerations of merit and qualifications must apply at every such choice. 

I also doubt that disengaging career officers from service does the security institutions any good. Hierarchy is a sensitive structure in the service and arbitrary disengagement of intellectual human assets to the Nigerian Security institutions at this moment might not be in the best interest of the establishments. It makes no rational sense that hardworking and experienced officers should be disengaged from active services except if there are established cases of professional misconduct or ethical breach in service.

However, if Mr. President have established cases of unprofessional conducts, compromise on the standard operations procedures and disloyalty to the service against the superior ranks  like he did with Nigerian Customs, Nigerian Immigration Service, DSS, the Military etc then the baton change and system cleansing will be the best action and we will wait to see the effects. We wish to see a more responsible security establishments and the various ethno-religious agitation and armed groups operating around the country as well as political crimes and abuse of authority as well as public offices and resources will serve as the litmus test. We shall watch and pray...