I have followed the development in Abia State with rapt and deep attention.
I am particularly piqued by the purported report of slain Fulani herds men by the DSS and what quickly comes to mind is the question as to when the DSS started conducting autopsy and publishing reports of investigations through the media and press in particular.

It is an action laced with conspiracy and mischief and the motives of those involved either in the media or DSS should be brought to public scrutiny and legal rebuke.

The publication reveals a deliberate scheme to extend the blood letting to more eNigerians and Ndigbo seem to be on the predators radar. The transition of destruction by unidentifiable insurgents have moved from Plateau State to Nasarawa, Benue, Enugu and now Abia State is being positioned by the sponsors of these ethnic cleansing crusade. Of course Oyo, Ogun, Ondo and Ekiti States haven their tales and woes.

I am wondering if the incidents being reported are actually given thorough intelligence analysis or has it become so obvious that even our intelligence institutions have been compromised? This is one question so badly requiring answers. The failure to appropriately respond urgently and address the above might leave the country is a pathetic situation very very soon.

It is pertinent to note also that gun runners are creating a large market in Nigeria. How and why remains a question the intelligence community must assist the nation in addressing urgently. Unfortunately one is apprehensive when you write on security institutions like DSS or such establishment in general anywhere in the world. They keep records and wait till the day you will be caught under breach. The ethnic and religious insinuations within the ranks in our security agencies is assuming an alarming and threatening proportion and erasing the standard operational procedures, services ethics and discipline. Why then are we surprised at the sophistication of criminal activities in Nigeria?

There seems to be more politics inside the high walls than is good for the duties and tasks of securing the integrity of our great country. The system has become so self serving and at the beck and call of the rich as well as the political class rather than their traditional roles of protecting and securing the entire country.

If we have the courageous and patriotic Nigerians, please let us speak out even though their might be prize to pay for doing so. The Fulani theory must stop and those finding cheap media popularity should desist from such treacherous acts. A Nigerian "Syria" will be the worst thing to happen in the history of the world at the present moment. Let no one be deceived, the situation will not be favorable to any of the geo-political zones of the country.

Our national motto: Unity, Peace and Progress remains the only prayer we must present before God and the collective gospel to all Nigerians if we must bequest our children with the Nation and entity called Nigeria.   I believe that if personal securities are withdrawn from individuals who add up to nothing but exploiting the nation, the services will have more men and focus in securing the nation. Undue interactions by the security agencies with wealthy and questionable persons under the guise of VIP protection is compromising the service. These wealthy men breed unhealthy values and expose officer to we questionable allegiance and social involvements that is harmful to the discipline and patriotism required by the services. They imbibe ethnic interests and share in sentiments which only serve as vehicles for perversion and conspiracies.

Officer have been reported and shown by the media involved in public assaults and misconduct in their efforts to protect the wealthy and politicians. Nigerians are daily framed up, jailed and even sometimes killed in the course of these illegitimate duties. Outside these illegal services these personnels are unemployable and are easy tools in organized crime and criminal activities. The easily access the services through old bonds and are active agents for recruitments, infiltration, reconnaissance and sabotage.

I will leave the rest of the issues for discussion at a later time.

God bless Nigeria.