The state of the nation is no longer news. We have driven our system out of function and the consequence of reckless impunity stares every citizen of our great nation on his/her face.

Where we go from here may appear more painful to admit as a result of our personal esteem and pride. We certainly will find it rather hard and challenging to cut down on our acquired social status and public reputations. An average Nigerian competes with himself to be socially upright and reckoned.

Most Nigerians use the smallest opportunities available to them to acquire status instead of making sustainable investments and developing economic structures for moderate income. Our culture of investment is pathetic and purchasing choices often influenced by social pressure rather than economic considerations.

This is why we exhibit so much desperation under any social, economic, political or cultural pressures. Whenever there are scarcity of petroleum products in the country, what we witness is exploitations by almost all the services facilitators including the emergence of illegal products vendors or "black marketers" as popularly called. A more pathetic scenerio is the experience we have with the scarce forex in the financial market.

For every opportunity, a section of our society visits our psyche with pain, extortion, exploitation and manipulations which are purely self serving and vicious. The same goes for people in public service and even essential private services providers. No public services institutions or establishment is spared the activities of desperate self serving public officers. Visiting private homes we will not be surprised that the guards, cooks, drivers, even wife and children of hosts find a way to ask for "something"

Why are we so harmful and wasteful in our culture? When do we place our priorities right and apply progressive principles and values in the discharge of our obligations and management of our common resources and opportunities?

The suffering of this period should not be wasted and talked away as usual. Rather let us appropriate the situation and evolve a socio-economic response that will bear positively on our communities and entire society.
We must use this time to reflect on the content and competence of our leadership, resource administrators and common wealth managers.
Development does not just happen rather it is built, supported and sustained.

Let us give ourselves the better Nigeria we crave for and that means looking inward and conducting our affairs in appropriate and compliant procedures within the laws and constitution of Nigeria.

Ononugbo Alfred
Good Governance Watchdog Economic Development and Civic Rights Advocate.