As Nigerians we are witnesses to the unending theatre of the Absurd unfolding at the National Assembly. For those who might find this term unfamiliar, the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2011) defines the theatre of absurd as "A form of drama that emphasizes the absurdity of human existence by employing disjointed, repetitious, and meaningless dialogue, purposeless and confusing situations, and plots that lack realistic or logical development"

I do not think that the scenario could more aptly be captured. Otherwise, someone should explain to 180 million Nigerians, why we are imploding with anxiety, uncertainties and overwhelmed by threats to our survival and existence. We are blessed with natural resources, we have supposedly elected competent wealth managers (President, governors, National and State Assembly members) and put in place men and women (ministers, commissioners and political appointees) who took months during campaigns to inundate us with their qualifications, competence and determination to make our lives better if elected into office.

We are now being traumatized by unending tales of heartless corrupt conducts of our "leaders" and public "servants" whose appetite for wanton fraud has defied global comprehension. What is the justification behind the tell tales at the National and some State Assembly for not passing the budget proposal bills before them into law? We are well aware that the tradition in the past is that legislators are gratified by the presidency, ministries, parastatals, governors and MDAs. But come to think of it if there is any truth in this speculation, what business does a public officer have in demanding or offering graft to those whose only duty and jobs is to ensure the well being of the society? How come not many governors have cried out to those on whose mandate they are in authority about such anti society conducts? Do those who indulge in these barbaric acts benefit from the acts? I want to assume that we know the answers however, the entire society have suffered more from electing these men and women into office rather than gains.

Budgets are projected income and expenditure documents, but when you have to accommodate unrealistic and questionable figures knowing fully well that these were perfect scams against 180 million Nigerians, then comes the concern. The agonies of Nigerian families will provoke the earth to vomit such characters and their bodies devoured by the vultures while their souls earn condemnation from God. Those elected Nigerians who collected our mandates only to convert such into personal bargains and display of powers shall definitely be judged by posterity.

I pray that President Buhari and the state governors, should keep among other political promises the purging of the corrupt appetites of the political class, public services, the private sector and induce those who swallowed our common wealth to vomit such without prejudice. He must approach this task with missionary zeal, lead by example and ensure that no identified criminal hides under any political or ethnic platforms. If we must have a truly One Nigeria, the President must demonstrate patriotic courage to level every perceived superiority and culture of impunity by rewarding hard work and engaging due process in ensuring order and compliance to constitutional requirements in public administration. He must not be blackmailed into gratifying the national assembly or otherwise in order to have them do their elected duties. Nigerians are bound to ask and very soon what value these political class adds to us.

It comes as a surprise however that the cry of the crusade against corruption is not prominent in the states but that should be a topic for another day.

Written by
Ononugbo Alfred

       Good Governance and Civic Rights Advocate


These men do not have the interest of the masses at heart.