plural noun: heroes
  1. 1.
    a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
    "a war hero"
    synonyms:brave man, champion, man of courage, great man, man of the hour,conquering hero, victorwinnerconqueror, lionheart, warrior
    (Google Dictionary)

The definition above captures the sentiment behind the celebration of person(s) of outstanding qualities and accomplishments. It certainly conveys an expression of satisfaction and strong connection to the performance of an individual or group of persons within a society whose memories conjures hope and legendary.
The traumatic economic situation, collapse of productive institutions, insecurity and confusion in Nigeria in context is a realization of the quality and content of our national policy makers and public servants.
Little wonders that we could hardly hear any past leaders take credit or being given credit for sustainable development in our nation. Instead we are inundated with excuses and trading of blames. The self sponsored advertisements by both Federal, State and Local Government Authorities while in public office which exists in the archives of the media agencies rather than in the lives of Nigerians not withstanding remains the only reminder of their performance.
That therefore arouses the question of what exactly was the vision and dreams of our past leaders? What was the quality of works done with public resources. The National Anthem mentioned glowingly of
"the labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain"

Can this song still be sang in context or contrast under the present circumstance in Nigeria today? Are there lessons to be learned by those in the saddles of authority? It is certain that no explanation can justify the anguish of Nigerians no matter their social standing, rich, poor, upper, middle or lower class. We are daily drifting into the class of failed economy due to our lifestyle and very dishonest leadership policies, administrations and compliance.

The false notion is that Nigerians still believe that it remains the exclusive mandate of the political class to correct the wrongs and mistakes of the past leadership. No!!! we have certainly fallen far bellow the point of waiting for one person at the proverbial "corridors of power" We must brace up and respond to the rot beginning with our selves. No situation in Nigeria exists without the contribution and active participation of Nigerians. Even if we blame foreign interests, we have the Immigration, Customs, NDLEA, Police, DSS, Army, Air Force and Navy and one therefore wonders the capacities of the foreigners to evade all these institutions and others on tax payers payroll. Therefore it will take the commitment, sacrifice and dedication of the entire Nigerians to contend with these decay and reverse the free fall of our National values, economy and all that we are worth and known for as a Nation.

If we adopt the principle of "Though tribe and tongue may differ in brotherhood we stand" it will remain impossible for any lawless predators to exploit our ethnic diversity for personal benefits.
Sadly, the ethnic suspicion has been entrenched in all areas of the Nigerian psyche. The political opportunists have successfully destroyed every fiber of unity and uses our diversity as a tool for manipulation and exploitation. The general notion today is that we are irreconcilable ethnic entities rather than one United and indivisible nation and people. The consequence is the dichotomy and tribalism which have eroded any thoughts of patriotic reasoning. We dwell in the fear and suspicions of one another and compete to undermine interest against each other.
The first stanza if our anthem is an open invitation that says
"Arise oh compatriots,
Nigeria's call obey
To serve our Father land
With love and strength and Faith..."