Dear Nigerians, I crave your indulgence today to write on this worrisome subject without any intent for contempt. I hold sacred the sovereign God and make bold to profess the same. I do not under any circumstances equate the Almighty with idols.

However I am compelled by meditation to ask the question above. Do we have a made in Nigeria God? The god that makes Nigerians of all faith to build tastefully designed and finished houses, (except for the gods of native doctors that dwell in filthy and unkempt places), without concern for disciplined, honest, peaceful, prudent, accountable, transparent and honest conducts in the society?

The god that we proclaim as God of love, justice and peace when even the preachers and congregation incite hatred, tribalism, fraud and are far from adherents and devotees to peace and Justice?
The god which promises eternal judgment to thieves and fraudsters while using the Holy place to decree prosperity on crooks who patronize their place of worship and donate portions of stolen public funds to the Ministers and Imams?

Across the country, from the North to the South, from the West to the East are places of worship built and donated by despicable Characters and very corrupt members of our societies whose sources of wealth are obviously questionable but because of poverty of minds, they bought their way into all the fabrics of the community including the religious and are therefore regarded as wealthy elites, some leaders of Faith endorse their evil, names their shameful act as "good" and pronounced "blessings" on them.

Made in Nigeria God, says one thing and does another.
What a shame...this god should be investigated, invited to Code of Conducts, EFCC and ICPC for questioning and finally tried and trashed by honest Nigerians...

Leaders of Faith who do not speak out and abstain from frolicking, dining and enjoying the patronage of persons of abhorrent behaviors are enemies of the God of righteousness, justice, peace and progress. They are committing treason and must be branded enemies of the state. They have become part of the criminal political and economic gang up against the poor and suffering Nigerians.

Arise Oh God and let your enemies be scattered!!!
The priests of Baal and worshipers of Baal have brought shame and destructions to our Land.
Save our land and save out people from the evil heart of many of us who profess your name but are enemies of your commandments, enemies of our mutual prosperity, enemies of our collective development, adversaries of generations of our children, and haters of the upright and just in the society... Amen and Amen...
And all the people of the God of heaven says Amen...