The average but informed Nigerians today are seriously concerned about the security and economic rot in the nation. The reasons are not far fetched. The dwindling economic situation and near collapse of security, law and order due to years of executive impunity.

Fixing these mounting challenges has become the preoccupation of those in positions of authority. The pertinent question coming to my mind  remains why the leaders of our nation can't explain how we got here. As individuals, they are wealthy and boasts of so much personal wealth and assets traceable to public properties and resources. They devalue these public assets and convert them to private acquisitions.

The public offices therefore serve as channels for illicit acquisition of wealth without commensurate productivity.

While the North of Nigeria is blessed with fertile lands that easily produces groundnut, maize, sorghum, beans etc, the middle belt are massively endowed with natural resources like solid minerals and produces vegetables, yams and other agricultural products in commercial quantity. The South East and South South are green belts of the savanna with forests for ply wood productions, coal, Palm oil, Natural gas and Crude oil, cassava, rice etc. The South West remain the home for cocoa, timbers and other commercial products. We are not known to be producing any of these lines of products commercially and specifically for export except crude oil. This failure has reduced us to a consumer market and dumping ground for products of far inferior qualities than we could produce.

With this unfortunate development, we find opportunistic politicians drag our energy into ethnic contentions and power play. While they promote division and intolerance, they preoccupied themselves with excessive abuse of public office, impunity and contempt of service ethics.
We are the highest producers of billionaires whose only industry is plotical and public service. Their income cannot be collaborated with the taxes payable to the revenue agencies based on any productive engagements. Na waooo!!!

If the present effort of the government will yield serious dividend, the sources of public and even private services providers must be traceable to their productive sources. Assets of such officer must be assessed and documented for proper taxation and accountability. Those who breached their oath of services should be tried by competent courts and made to face the law.

It remains a mystery why we are in such agonizing poverty and misery with the abundance of wealth surrounding us
Blessed with human and natural resources we eck out living in the midst of plenty... God forbid bad things!!!

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