As a nation with the estimated population of over 170 million people, we are in no small measure the investors haven. We command serious mention in strategic economic discuss and boardrooms.

It however remains a concern that after over fifty years of independent and self governance we are yet to document a strategic social security program that accommodates the citizenry. By social security I mean a support program that provides for the categories of Nigerian social class and ensure that the welfare of every one is accommodated by both the government and then private sector.

We have situations where basic provisions like emergency ambulance services and toll free telephone numbers have ceased to exist. Medical first aid services, regular payments of retirement benefits have continued to present an embarrassing subject in governance.
What is the justification that a Nigerian who served the country with the prime of his or her life could not enjoy the minimum required retirement benefits by the system he/she spent his active years to build? What explanation do our services administrators have for compelling very ages people to que up in endless and slow documentation in the name of pensions verification?

With a well structured social services data base, dignity will apply and honor to these veterans of Nigeria's slow development and those in service will be assured of better conditions after their meritorious services. Emergency lines for medical and security intervention for the citizenry cannot be considered less important and the budget should accommodate such services. Ambulance and First Aid attentions to the people is an unconditional obligations to the people.