The term marginalization is often used in the Nigerian context to drive the agitation for political inclusion. What is bewildering is that the subject of the marginalization agitators excludes the actual victims.

The social imbalance in Nigeria today deprives the majority of the citizenry of several benefits, rights and privileges. A select minority, especially in the political class, allocate to themselves the public resources to the exclusion and deprivation of the population. From the epileptic supply of energy and power to the poor and inadequate services in our health institutions. The quality of Education is either too poor or unaffordable. Unemployment is on the increase such that over 65 million Nigerian youths are without jobs.
To my mind these are the marginalized Nigerians. They do not seek political appointments nor are they agitating for self determinations. They however seize every opportunity that offers them income to identify with any course. These are easy preys for Boko Haram, OPC, MASSOP MASOB, IPOB and AYC.

The stories making round in the media about the loots and frauds by political and public officer rightly or wrongly simply confirms the insensitivity of men and women in the corridors of power.

Do Nigerians deserve this degree of wretchedness and misery in the midst of so much wealth? It is share wickedness that a select few privileged Nigerians steal with so much impunity and recklessness. They act with such contempt and have shown themselves to be above the law. We seem to be at the mercy of the political mafia gangs with little or no conscience and regard for law, order nor regard for the dignity of human lives.

Dear Nigerians We must turn to God and pray that He will not spare destruction and judgments on those that have raped our economy and shortchanged Nigerians. Destruction will visit their loots and the generation of their benefactors shall wasted by God's anger.

The marginalized Nigerians cannot afford three square meals in a day, cannot afford shelter, Healthcare services, security since the wealthy have acquired and privatized the services of our security agencies. They celebrate their greedy acquisitions instead of our common wealth. The marginalized are victims of political conflicts and crisis, they cannot afford the cost of justice but remains the scapegoats.
The marginalized are not often the real concern of the political class and lack the confidence to call the bluff  of those who threaten our corporate existence and constitutional entitlements. Millions of Nigerian youths are economic slaves as migrants to other countries. They labor in "colonial economic slaves camps" and earn enough that is collected from them as taxes and bills.

May all who constitute the marginalization elements against Nigerians be consumed by God's anger. Should they repent and return our wealth, may heaven answer their plea for mercy, forgiveness and restoration in Jesus name... Amen.

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