"Nigeria, We Hail Thee" (1960-1978)


 Nigeria, we hail thee,
 Our own dear native land,
 Though tribe and tongue may differ,
 In brotherhood we stand,
 Nigerians all are proud to serve
 Our sovereign Motherland.

 Our flag shall be a symbol
 That truth and justice reign,
 In peace or battle honour'd,
 And this we count as gain,
 To hand on to our children
 A banner without stain.

 O God of all creation,
 Grant this our one request,
 Help us to build a nation
 Where no man is oppressed,
 And so with peace and plenty
 Nigeria may be blessed.

I am aware that the post elections euphoria has fast given way to the concerns for good governance.
The president having scored the first political power shift, democratically, but should bear in mind that the expectations of Nigerians goes beyond political change of name rather we crave for ethical changes and in the way and manner government businesses are carried out and quality services delivery.
As a people we have suffered from self inflicted maladministration and wanton abuse of public office owed to greed and selfishness of our leaders and individuals. We have little or no considerations for what benefits every members of our society except personal thing
The need to consider critically the manner and business delivery culture by Nigerians in public services and to reorientate them to improve on people oriented delivery should be PRIORITIZED. The necessity to bring to justice without ethnic, religious or political considerations and sentiments those corrupt Nigerians that abused public offices and their oath of service must NEVER be swept under the carpets.

Nigerians anticipate true democratic dividends and from a patriots. We have waited for this quality of charactet in our leadership and are hopeful that despite the political propaganda and electioneering blackmail, that the president will rise to the occasion and lI've up to the expectations of the citizenry. He must carefully reassess the capacity of the civil services to deliver quality services to Nigerians and make necessary adjustments to remove those that fall short in conduct and character. Sycophants must be restrained and questionable characters diligently separated from the business of government if we must see better days.
This will be the greatest change Nigerians can have from the new government.

To our founding fathers, the lyrics of the old National anthem passionately conveys the dreams and aspirations held and treasured throughout the struggles for Independence. I wonder that they would have had the opportunity to intervene in our generation and point our leaders to the foundation should apportunity permit for them to visit us and see what has become of " our own dear native land" A nation to which they pledged "Though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand" Brotherhood across the East to the West, Nouth and South....

                                                              Tear drops.... 

Anthem Culled from Wikipedia