It should not come as a surprise that millions of Nigerian elders and statesmen are passing away in subtle regrets.

Vision makes a leader to stand out. This is why we have where we refer to as developed nations. The men that midwifed such nations saw the potentials and prospects of a great future and a better tomorrow. 

With a constantly growing population, growing needs, demands for social security, order and equity, structural and industrial development becomes an urgent necessity and remains non negotiable. 

Development of Institutions to cultivate and manage these dreams assumes the priority of any responsible and visionary leadership. The burden to deliver sustainable development and engage the restive and unemployed youths as we have today becomes an emergency situation and calls for urgent action. The leaders we deserve today as a nation must be such that can constantly manage and respond to the challenges of the society. Engaging the population in productive and sustainable economic activities. Therefore I expect any responsible political leader to realize that aggressive industrialization based deployment of resources is the only panacea for restoration of sanity, law and order and credibility to Nigeria if we must regain our dignity and earn the respect of the international community. 

Without industries, there can be no employment. When over ninety million of a nations population is without any meaningful source of income and livelihood tell me how you can fight crime and corruption related activities which becomes the alternative mean of support and economic sustenance. Our leaders must create institutions to engage these dangerous trend or else the unemployed will evolve criminal alternatives to survive

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