The South East of Nigeria are exclusively populated by the Igbo nation. The Igbos are 
culturally enterprising and theocratic in their orientation. These two traits seems to be their 
strongest genetic identity. They possess the resilience to survive under unexpected 
situations and circumstances. The ability to explore avenues for economic survival no 
matter the limitations distinguishes the Igbo people from other nationalities in Nigeria.
Sadly, democracy as a culture does not appear to have an applicable content in the 
economic calculations and definition of the Igbo people. 

This probably may inform the very 
expensive brand of politicking being practised in the South East of Nigeria. So much as this 
is not exclusive to Ndigbo, quite a good majority puts financial considerations before 
patriotic, economic and social development alternatives. It is near impossible to accept 
democratic activities that is not driven by monetary profit no matter how insignificant the 
amount is, not minding that a good assessment of the socio-economic realities confronting 
our society should at least be given priority.

The Igbos today seem content with being the beautiful bride and prized maidens. The 
political tension griping the nation once more exposes the non alignment of the leadership 
and purpose of the Igbo political class. Hardly will an Igbo man or woman stand for contest 
on the socio-economic and political platform in Nigeria without deliberate attempt to 
sabotage and undermine the acceptability of such from his or her kins. Distrust dominates 
the perception of the political class by the majority of Ndi Igbo due to the loss of credibility, 
greed and obsession to control others and remain the only recognized source of authority. 
Most Igbo political and even some traditional as well as economic leaders cannot be 
democratic and hardly will represent the interest of the people.

Playing political second fiddle has subjected the value and worth of the average Igbos both 
in commerce and politics. The victims remains the average member of the society. Most 
Igbo communities have absolutely nothing to show for their democratic participation despite 
being in the forefront of each political dispensation. Most of the political gladiators from the 
South East remains exclusively controversial and with questionable credentials.