As a Nation, Nigeria is one of the most naturally endowed and blessed country in the world
We have survived and managed the challenges which brought other nations to their kneels and in most cases reduced them to near extinction due to political and socio-economic crisis. We are so blessed by God such that we rarely experience natural disasters that has bedevilled other nations.

Unfortunately we suffer a rare disease which has defied cure. It is shocking when we analyse in retrospect the quality output of leadership that have managed our nation and common wealth.

Our leadership have defied quality and selfless commitment devoid of dishonesty, ethnic and religious bias. We have witnessed a systematic collapse of values and contempt for human dignity. Our experience is that of economic and ethnic discrimination. Subtle manipulation of the citizenry and total erosion of patriotic, visionary and disciplined public officers and champions of ethnic inclusions.
Our leaders act for today out of immediate personal interest and aspire to achieve short term goals in government in view of the uncertainties of post service situations. Most often leaders are deceived by desperate and dysfunctional benefactors, Praise singers and sycophants. They leverage on cheap popularity which diminished and leaves them humiliated after they leave public service.

We must challenge ourselves and remind ourselves that the quality of our services can best be appreciated when we have vacated positions of authority and our works guarantees the society the value for the resources, trust and confidence invested in their delivery as well as that which is reposed on us.
Most of our leaders act as though there can be no tomorrow and have failed to take lessons from history and men who have attempted to attain the position of God to the society which gave them opportunity

A word is enough for the wise. Our leaders must labor to minimize social and economic insecurity and believe that a bigger and better society is rightly deserved by all. This is where patriotism begins.

I am convinced that Nigerians will celebrate PMB and other political as well as economic, cultural and social leaders if they accomplishes the restoration of leadership values and credibility on the platteru of Patriotism.

Written by
Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Good Governance Watchdog and Civic Education Advocate.