With a population of over 180 million the challenge of maintaining law and order is a huge task. However the phrase law and order have ceased to conjure any meaningful definition let alone application. This is the threatening dimension in the development of the Nigerian Nation and peoples.

Law is a set of rules guiding the conduct of a society while order is about procedures and compliance. The implication of these therefore is that if a society does not cultivate the tradition of applying these cardinal social principles in the conduct of their affairs, the entire system will begin to work against itself and undermine it's existence.

We have to pause and ponder and ask if the situation described above defines our status as a nation and people and if those charged with the responsibilities of ensuring the compliance are themselves effective and living up to their obligations to the Nigerian tax payers.

Please don't get me wrong, this is beyond politics and the political class. It concerns every Nigerian even though the bulk of the blame must be placed on the failure of leadership to live by example. The Tdesperation exhibited by an average Nigerian under most circumstances is beyond description. The culture of contempt and impunity flows from most public office holders to service providers. Almost every public institutions have been privatized and officer conduct the duties of public office on the basis of personal interest. If you do not subscribe to this value system even the system will vomit you and society ostracize you. If you cannot beat them you must be compelled to join them. The situation where leaders, public and private services providers operates in the breach of laid down constitutional procedures without reprimand or checks and consequences breeds lawlessness and disorder. Some individuals will stand on the way of constitutional procedures and frustrate compliance with impunity just to serve personal or vested interests. Breach is often complimented and compensated as loyalty.

It will take a generation of extreme moral puritans to contend with this rot and decay in order to stem the surging tide. A state or nation that can no longer ensure compliance to their basic laws and order is admissibly a failed state and let no one be deluded about this fact. The challenge then is to ask if history will ever forgive our generation should Nigeria collapse in our time. There is a moral call therefore on all of us to take steps to turn these destructive tide back and ensure a future of worth and pride for our children and generations after.
Compliance to constitutional rules does not deprive any individual rather it protects us from harm and woes.

Alfred Ononugbo.


We must reclaim Nigeria through dedication to patriotic actions and conducts