I often wonder in my heart even though I might not be mathematically correct what the actual value of one voters card could be.
My layman's mind tells me that with a population of about 180 million, or just put at 200 million Nigerians and a voting population of less than 100 Million, we have a commanding electoral change force.
The excuse that Nigerians will continue to be short changed by an inconsequential few politicians hold no serious contention.  What is worrisome is the inability of most Nigerians to appropriate the worth and potency of a legitimate voter's card.

A voter's card is supposed to provides for our good roads. healthcare services, security, shelter, employment and effective communication infrastructures but our experience in Nigeria reveals otherwise.

The gripping effect of poverty has reduced the human worth of an average Nigerian to a beggar while those who have the mandate of the people to represent them are aggressively looting our common wealth


A political position or appointment is considered far more lucrative and financially rewarding than growing an investment. A good percentage of the Nigerian political class have no known source of steady income prior to their venturing into politics. Most of them cannot boast of ever employing 10 Nigerians but their bank account reveal billions of funds without factories or industries to their credit.

The insanity of this group of political jobbers is the assumption that their acquisitions can sustain them and their families for a lifetime. Unfortunately they suffer from the failure of Electricity, move around in the custody of uncountable armed police and military guards. It is disgusting to see even security personnels and principal officers move in cocktail of long sophisticated armed vehicles while most Nigerians are living without common police posts and community police patrols. Do these Nigerians not have time to think and ask themselves questions? Why do an average Nigerian fail when it matters most to engage the moral decadence by voting character with integrity and credible characters during election? Why do we vote for parties instead of persons?

Our security personnel are poorly equipped and crime has risen to such a level that criminals are more sophisticated and better trained than those paid with tax payers funds for the enforcement of law and order. A voter's card can become a constant reminder to those who have taken electoral mandate as an end in itself and fail to be stewards and prudent managers of the peoples common wealth and trust.

Once upon a past political leaders were custodians of truth and prudent stewards of public resources,
They were the icons of patriotism and epitome of integrity but not any more, Not in today's Nigeria and by extension Africa and other nations of the world.

Our voters card is our red card.
Let us retire wasteful leaders and truants from public service
Let us bring and end to political jobbing
Let us close the doors against touts and sycophants.

Any politician that cannot quantify his or her contributions to the growth and development of their constituents must be made to account for the resources allocated for their community development. Corruption thrives in Nigeria because social misfits, men and women of dishonest pedigrees are mandated to manage the resources of the people.