I think the time has come for the Nigerian society to ask questions on the worth and value of leadership that we want for our nation. It makes no rational thinking that as a nation, so much is invested and appropriated by leadership and at the end of the day we castigate each other about incompetence, abuse of public office and unaccountable stewardship.
Judging by the political campaign documentaries, Nigeria may have continued on a downward descent to anarchy and lawlessness captured by the phrase "corruption", "dictatorship" "unconstitutional acts" and "indiscipline"...

Nigerians are the only people to change the direction of the leadership by soberly reflecting on the quality and credibility of all the candidates aspiring for elective offices. From the councillors to the presidential candidates.

We may never have the opportunity to confront these challenges if we miss out on the opportunity offered to us by the elections. Let's take our destiny on our hands.
Vote with your Conscience and talk to your Neighbour.

The amount of resources Nigeria spends in maintaining public office holders is so huge even with a declining economy. No wonder every one wants a political office as a compensation for supports rendered to political leaders, It is an open fact that the remuneration of political officers and their aids in Nigeria are unprecedented and because the beneficiaries are well connected each time to the persons in powers the courage to check these unfortunate development is lacking

What is of serious concern is that the intellectual contents of some of the Nigerians in leadership positions have failed to meet our collective dreams and aspirations. The quality and quantity of their services are far bellow the resources allocated. The accounting and statutory due diligence check system have become so weak and compromised.

If therefore a sustainable awareness can be created, we can use the privilege and opportunity offered to us by elections to sieve out these compromised and unproductive elements from accessing our resources and the nations wealth. We should be able to set a culture and lesson in leadership driven by value, accountability and productivity. Until such a time, we will continue to bear the burden and liability of the UNAFFORDABLE CEO's in the corridors of power.

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A must read if Nigerians must get it right using our votes.Our votes remain the weapon to get rid of unprepared individuals venturing to be leaders/controllers of Nigeria′s resources.
A must read if Nigerians must get it right using our votes.Our votes remain the weapon to get rid of unprepared individuals venturing to be leaders/controllers of Nigeria′s resources.
Udom Okechukwu said…
The challenge of Nigeria is pretty simple and it is encapsulated in this simple statement; Nigeria needs to rediscover her purpose". A nation orchestrated for administration rather than production is designed to fail. The Nigerian people, both the leaders and followers need reorientation and reinvention.
Oskaaay said…
It's years past but this post remains relevant because where we are today as a Nation is as a result of our past elections and the future will be determined by it too.
Victoria Adebukunola Samuel said…
It is rather unfortunate that Nigerians are victims of what they had been forewarned by your likes. Honestly, the article remains relevant till date and will continue to be until our people heed the counsel therein.
Every Nigerian citizen should read this. It is unfortunate that instead of moving forward we are still standing still. It's so sad honestly
Mikky said…
It's a fantastic read. Sensitization of the electorate is key to turning this nation around for the better. However we need to continue hammering on the need to put good leadership before stomach infrastructure, people should be aware that good representation by qualified candidates is the answer. Nigerians should make their votes count.
Anonymous said…
Here are my thoughts overall. While the assumptions and conclusions reached in your write up reflects the current realities, I think the problem might just be deeper than our wrong choices. If we make wrong choices, could it be as a result of the most visible values we see? Could it also be a reflection of the false foundation that we have chosen to build on presuming that when it gets to our turns, we will also be beneficiaries of this heavy burden on the citizens? A nation I am forced to agree is deserving of the kind of leaders they get. Our collective aspirations may not necessarily be to get leaders who are guided by ideologies but leaders who will make it easy for us to access the crumbs from corrupt practices and benefit from the failure of the state. It might just require asking our selves some pertinent questions as to what we understand as leadership and how this leadership if rightly constituted may benefit the citizenry without heaping on us the high cost of maintaining our public offices? This will mean going back to the basics, our education, our socialization, our belief systems, our values both individual and collective. It is going to involve a mind shift from what we have now to what we agree on as the way forward to a more responsive and responsible leadership.