The political turf is heating up by the day and little wonder the message from all the parties have taken a moral dimension. This is an open acknowledgment that Nigeria is morally and cerebrally bankrupt.

From certificate scam to stealing, abuse of public resources and office, executive high handedness, engagement of ex convicts and criminals in public offices, fraud, blood letting, treasonable utterances, action, use of classified documents in political campaigns collapse of professional values in the public institutions and the count goes on.

It is not so much about the political interests as it is loss of ethical principles and contempt for the public service. The Media, politicians, security agencies and public servants are dealing deadly blows on the Nigerian State. There seems to be no more absolutes. And protection of public offices from political contempt is a lost battle as public officers volunteer confidential documents to their political benefactors.

The political parties and their advocates lacks the discipline to be entrusted with the scarce resources of the Nigerian Nation. Few public officer are getting rich for breaching public services ethics and regulations. How can we achieve law and order? They are convinced that Nigerians are endemically gullible and susceptible to manipulation.
If the quality of minds are such that we are seeing their conducts on public display, I can assure all Nigerians that the culture of irresponsible, reckless impunity has gained root in our institutions and thus is worrisome. I strongly believe that we are drowning into the abyss of political tyrants.
I sympathize with our dear Nation.

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