One of the lines in the old Nigerian National Anthem says, "though tribe and tongue may differ, In brotherhood we stand"
I wish to call the attention of all Nigerians to please cultivate the discipline of good and attentive listening habit.
The political gladiators are on parade and utterances, statements, remarks and speeches are being made. These are all directed to our thoughts and minds in order to influencel our endorsement and generate our voting mandate.
Listen and be conscious. Do not allow any individual no matter his ambitions to incite you or mislead you. Our destiny and that of our children are in contention. Our choices will determine our unity, peace, prosperity and progress. Values, conduct, character and performance records must be our parameters for measuring our choices not short term benefits and blind unreliable promises. Our collective good and not personal profit is the evidence of patriotism not gifts and enticements.

I had written on the unguarded utterances of political campaigners aspiring to receive the mandate of Nigerians. The worrisome dimension is the reckless impunity with which Nigerians are being incited against themselves and the manner political leaders are promoting hatred and contempt for honesty.
My concern is that after the elections, these electorates will witness these leaders wine and dine together but those whose lives has been destroyed may never see the false fortunes they promised.
Promoting hatred and disrespect is not of political benefit to any Nigerian no matter the platform. This is not our need now. Nigerians are tired and disgusted with unguarded utterance and shameful lies coming out of incompetent and vision-less political leaders.
Please take note of my word. These men are on parade because of the failure of Nigerians to believe in themselves and stand to make honest political choices. Jonathan or Buhari are not the only competent Nigerians to give leadership to our great nation. Maybe we should look beyond our nose and not be blindfolded by political cults.

Watch their language...

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