My heart bleeds and I refuse to be intimidated by misguided, unpatriotic partisan benefactors. 

From a neutral point of assessment, I have no doubt that we are being visited by the lowest of the quality of leadership minds as a nation and we are blinded from making superior political choice.

What are the exceptional qualities in the major contenders in the presidential race that Nigerians cannot patiently seek and find in others? We have a population of over 170 million and we are so lazy not to put in extra efforts to identify exceptional leadership capabilities beyond these candidates? 

The president is the chief accounting officer of the country's resources and commander in chief of the armed forces. The governors are the chief security officers of their states. The conducts of the contenders for such an elevated positions of leadership should be esteemed and compliant with expected moral standards and public conduct. We see desperation to get power such that we wonder if it was all about service to the nation. Those interested in benefiting from the intimidating and manipulative schemes of the political predators are bent on selling the candidates of their preferred interest. 

Given the situation in Nigeria and the enormous task of reinventing an acceptable Nigeria to all, we must thread with caution in our haste to vote and subject the destiny of Nigeria to endless nightmares.  

If the media is correct in the advertisements and documentaries we watch on the television channels and listen to on the radios, I am convinced we may not have found the leadership we deserve in the popular candidates. 



Queen odidika said…
Our salvation will come when we put erudition,candor and abnegation into consideration when choosing our leaders.