Nigeria is such an endowed nation. It still haunts my imagination how as diverse people's with different cultures we have managed to coexist and co-habit with other ethnic and tribal nationalities.
It is unfortunate that our political class have succeeded in entrenching discrimination and ethnicity with the added deadly religious dimensions among us. THIS IS THE ROOT OF CORRUPTION AND FRAUDLENT POLITICAL SCHEMES.

What remains a challenge is why an everyday Nigerian cannot reason outside the box and realize that we are the targets and worst victims of high network political manipulations. 

Those benefiting from our lay back status are busy scheming and perfecting their acts. Their target is the ever craving escapist aspirations and the blame trade dispositions of the Nigerian masses. The media is awash with branded adverts of what these predators are and were not.

Let us read in-between the lines. There is a grand deceptive scheme embedded in these attempt to sedate our weary and ignorant minds. 
This is the time for Nigerians to soberly reflect and demand from themselves duties to protect the future of our nation, our families, husband, wives, children, and collectively build a system and institutions which provide and protect our society and collective interests. 

We must regard our civic responsibilities and comply with the rules of engaging credible resources managers and avoid consigning our common wealth to the care of criminals and crooks who hide under political arrangements to access power. All they needed to perpetuate themselves is access to power. This is why the choice open to them is cheating, lawlessness and rigging.
We can change the tide. We can stop them with minimal casualties. Our votes is the weapon.

Unemployed Nigerians are capable of seizing this situation to make statement. Dis-affectionate Nigerians must rise to the occasion, if truly we want the future of our Nation, the next election can spell unity or otherwise. No more "monkey de work and baboon de chop" 
The political class and not political parties are working hard to rule, loot and transfer us to their children as their prisoners of war. In most cases it is a family affair... trust is a mirth but individual commitment to enforce lasting change is a severe necessity on this matter. We must take and accept responsibility for change. Let's regard, comply and defend the rule of democracy. "One man one vote"

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