A society that have no elders from whose wealth of experiences and goodwill generations draw from, have serious value imbalance.

Godly elders are custodians of value, icons of dignity and accomplishments. Men and women of impeccable integrity in conducts and character. They are the worth and dignity of any community or nation. Nigeria needs the roles and models of these people today. The elders must speak the truth to younger generations as well as share the vision and dreams of the founding fathers of Nigeria instead of patronizing themselves through political leadership.

This includes traditional institutions which must be assumed with quantum integrity rather than patronage. 

Nigerians today needs to hear the voices of these elders and founding fathers of our nation. We need constants reminders of the the visions and ideals of the men and women who laboured and toiled for us to attain Nationhood. We deserve to be indoctrinated with the sacrifices and prudence of those who tasked and taxed themselves to bequeath us with a better tomorrow and not our present day situation. 

If it took our elders and statesmen this much to achieve nationhood, question should be asked how our leaders of today learnt the act of leadership. How did the insecurity and distrust we share against each other develop? The emphasis on ethnic nationality and autonomous indigenization has assumed a worrisome dimension . Today's self determination and ethnic as well as religious agitations are indictments on the quality of leadership we have. The global dimension of these conflicts attempts to placate the misconducts and lack of transparency of world and national leaders. Established leadership protocols, law and order are becoming irrelevant and in most cases are disregarded in the application of our diplomacy and administrative engagements

We have made ourselves more vulnerable by providing for predators, the opportunity to exploit our search for self actualization and determination. Today, ethnic actualization and determination have become political mantras used by both responsible and questionable agitators alike. We can hardly distinguish between authentic and dishonest elders and statesmen.  

We therefore need those who were partners and comrades in the evolvement of our Nation and who were privy to the agreement terms and compromises reached by the founders of our Nation in order to realise the Nigerian State and unite the people. The elder of faith must play the role of peace advocates and encourage tolerance. These must be held accountable for cultivation values and patriotism. Traditional leaders remains the custodians and should be men of impeccable credibility and not gamblers and persons of questionable conducts. These are what we deserve and demand from our Elders and Statesmen now.