I will ask for forgiveness from Nigerians that I might hurt by this article but it is better mentioned.

Many have confronted me with several alternatives to standing by our civic values.
1. Some asked me if I realized that Nigerians are hungry and they can go for anything including collecting electoral stipends. How much do they collect and how much of their livelihood have they sustained from such funds against what is taken away from them after elections?

2. Others reminded me that the level of poverty is responsible for the compromise and endemic corruption in our society. Have we not seen more poverty, rot and decay by the years? Has corruption made Nigerians richer?

3. The other group argued that the political class are so rich and brutal such that they achieve their means at all cost including buying the military, police and security services with their illegitimate wealth. If this is true why are all the security men and women not as rich as the money bags? We meet in the same hospitals, markets, attend same schools, drive same bad roads and suffer similar problems.

4. The youths contended with my write ups that there are no jobs, no employment opportunities and no connections to the top such that the short term opportunity as hired thugs or IT criminals offers palliatives. We have more youths in the prisons after Mexico across the world than any other country in the world and how does this excuse stand?

I just consider these excuses as insults on our collective intelligence as Nigerians and an unwarranted self inflicted assault on our dignity as human beings. These are lies we have embedded in our subconscious. Not with an opportunity to be part of the process that chooses those who manage our collective wealth as a nation through election votes.