Nigeria is a sovereign state by law and constitution. The implication of this is that it is the collective mandate and consent of all and not few that determines the power of the government. This therefore establishes that no one community or no Nigerian person is preferred or superior to another Nigerian.

Sovereignty is defined in Oxford dictionary as "supreme power or authority". This therefore means that by our sovereignty no community, ethnic society or groups including associations should occupy superior considerations, positions, recognitions or allegiance more than the that of Nigeria.
Nigeria should therefore command the prime consideration in our allocations of services, allegiance, honour, development and distribution of opportunities and privileges.

Those called and sworn to serve Nigeria must justify such trust rather than exploit Nigerians for selfish ends and interests.
We can surely make Nigeria great again.

Any Nigerian advocating for ethnic or community superiority is a common enemy and often does not have evidences to support their claims to champion such interests.

The law should bring those manipulating the constitution of Nigeria and instigating discents for political gains to book. These are Nigeria's worst enemies wherever they are found. Development will elude Nigeria so long as opportunities are offered on ethnic considerations and not merit and in the interest of the sovereign state of Nigeria.

The National pledge calling...

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity 
And uphold her honor and Glory
So help me God.