The Nigerian society without doubt is dynamic and complex. Our political class has evolved into an endless puzzle and unfathomable myth. The more we look, the dimmer our brains and thinking???
With each political period and unending promises of delivery on dividends of democracy, the people of Nigeria are left to wonder what these democratic really dividends are.

Over 54 years after independence most Nigerian communities have no portable drinking water,
No functional health care delivery system,
no security and good shelter.
Even the infrastructures in the urban communities have collapsed.
Most of Nigerian cities have not seen water from their taps in years and medical care remains unaffordable while most Nigerians in public services survive through alternative income rather than their wages. Yet politicians will stand in front of teaming desperately needy Nigerians and promise us good roads, security, employments etc 54 years after.

In recent elections, these politicians are engaged our communities with well oiled public address systems and rented crowds for media effects to solicit for camera appearances with same over 54 years old promises.

Do Nigerians have time to reflect on what they hear and those talking to them?

Do we reflect on the reasons why political generosity is at its peak during elections years, during campaigns and nothing after elections are won?

Our votes-defended are our power to effect lasting changes in Nigeria.

We must ask ourselves questions before the election "bags of Rice" and cash donation find us or we shouldn't complain of neglect after we have collected the values of our votes upfront.