Every society is a creation of the people living in it. We make societies develop according to our input as individuals, communities and people. They are the result of our collective input, aspirations, dreams and sacrifices as patriotic citizens.

The Nigeria we have today is as a result of our actions and inactions. This was not the creation of colonialism nor imperial interests. It is the exact reflection of our values and definition of our true worth.

Nigerians possess what it takes to change Nigeria and the entire world.
Elections are the most powerful means of affecting lasting changes in a society.

We are the voters during elections,
We are the counters of the votes,
We snatch the ballot boxes before the very watchful eyes of indifferent security agents on tax payers payroll,
We accept money to changes actual results of elections in favour of losers,
We are the Nigerians that endorse obvious losers to assume winners,
We provide protection for crooks and criminals and shield them from the law using paraphernalias of office.

We are the architects of our own destiny.
When those who exploit us realize that power and authority lie with the ordinary everyday Nigerian, their attitude will change and their conduct will become mutually beneficial.

I believe there can be a day when the security agents will object to financial inducement, the voters reject material and quick cash enticements, the electoral officer refuse to sell the result of elections to the highest bidders; a day that the men, women and youths will insist that their candidates not a political party anointed individual will stand and win election votes no matter how well connected, the threats and intimidations.

I pray and long for a day when our leaders will have the political will to act on well outlined security reports on questionable members of the society and the judiciary ensures no criminal can subvert and embed him/herself within the corridors of power.