Have you had the privilege of listening to our ever growing population of Nigeria's 'hate community' in diaspora?

But for some exclusive few and career Nigerians, you will hear the most disgusting expressions and phonetics coming from failed minds.

The utterances of these group of Nigerians have done more than significant damage to the reputation of Nigerians than Boko Haram or Niger Delta militants, kidnappers and crooks. These, however are not credited with any form of exceptional productivity except for digging to survive in their new countries of economic refuge.

As economic and social refugees, they hardly express any hope in the future and greatness of our dear nation, meanwhile most of them are nothing so fantastic from who they were in Nigeria before they sojourned abroad.

I wonder what they tell their children about the greatness or about the country that gave them their first bath. The voice of Nigerians is the only positive channel through which the world can perceive our country.

Maligning a nation by these migrant opportunists who hardly contributed any meaningful resources to her growth, development and aspirations is the height of hypocrisy and unpatriotism.