The Nigerian Judiciary as an Institution of Hope

The judiciary are impartial arbiters and must see that justice is upheld in the society and ensure crime is deservedly punished. They exist to moderate values, justice and equity. No functional community or society can succeed without the judiciary.

This Nigerian institution boasts of the best minds and brains in our dear society which makes one wonder why there has been so much injustice in our society.

For efficiency they must not be starved of resources necessary for the delivery of unbiased judgments or else the rich and wealthy will exploit their challenges to manipulate delivery of justice.

They sustain the values that proclaim "though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand". Administration of justice will ensure effective re-integration of reformed characters into the society and balance of constitutional conduct in our social, economic and political lives. Effective justice delivery ensures that no persons no matter how privileged and well placed can trample on the rights and privileges of others.

Good justice systems will guarantee that every Nigerian enjoys equity and fair treatment. No Nigerian must be allowed to suffer oppression in the hands of well connected rich and wealthy people neither should the benefactors be found wanting in their conduct. Life begets life and so does light dispel darkness.