The security institutions are the soul of every modest society, and the pride and strength of the laws and constitution of a nation. In the public opinion, most of Nigeria's security agencies have not passed the integrity test.

Security agencies must enforce the laws without exceptions and compromise. When laws are applied and justice is served, society becomes morally stronger. These are the kind of Institutions Nigeria needs today. We deserve no less.

The security officers by orientation must exhibit the highest ethical standards in conducts, character and duty, shun gratification and expose all offenders by bringing them to face the law. They must recognise, respect and protect every law abiding Nigerian. The relevant authorities managing the services must recognise the challenges faced by the agencies given the socio-economic, moral and ethical situations of the country. These include ethnic considerations, religious fanaticism that are eating deep into the fibres of the services, harsh and hostile economic conditions in families, destroying compliance to core service values and standard operation procedures.

We cannot import angels from another planet into our security agencies. The task of securing our Nation and people are the duty of Nigerians engaged and trained for such purpose. We draw from our poisoned ponds and I can imagine the enormous task of purging infected characters. The agencies are poorly funded and remunerated. They are exposed to assignments with paltry allowances and often compelled to protect the criminals they are supposed to expose and bring to justice, 

With all these outlined above, it is noteworthy to state that the tasks above are not performed by magicians. The officers and men are drawn from our society and trained with our available facilities to meet our collective needs. The impossible services condition of the Nigerian security officers cannot be best described in this small piece. The neglect suffered by the various security agencies are pathetic. The Nigerian security men dwell in squalors and very unconducive environments for the nature of tasks and duties assigned to them by the constitution. This in itself is a contempt of assignment. The officers in some agencies are poorly kitted and worse still the quality of life in the barracks is hostile to the values these agencies serve. In some instances, officers on transfer are treated like animals and subjected to the most undignified conditions. What a shame...

Our service men and women deserve better treatment; their work and living conditions must be improved. I can't comprehend the trauma of watching ex service men and women subjected to extremely degrading conditions after using the prime of their lives to proudly serve a nation that has forgotten them... *tears in my eyes!!!*

As a country, the social welfare benefits of ex service men must be thoroughly reviewed to reflect the sacrifice, exposure to hazards and value that they have added to our Nation, Same of course goes for other services to forestall the insecurity often felt by public servants. The neglect suffered by retired personnels may have informed the culture of impunity and criminal extortions being experienced by the citizenry in the hands of security personnels. They should be made to enjoy incentives and allowances to support their income and assist with the ever growing family and personal challenges. 

I salute these officers and pray to God not to forget to reward them.