Pledge To Nigeria Your Country

Just take one minute to think about the above lines of the pledge. A sober reflection on the first and second lines of the national pledge captures the true spirit of a patriot. A statement in which the destiny and prosperity of Nigeria is embedded.

It is a rude shock to look most adults and leaders of Nigeria on the face and have them answer under oath, their allegiance to this pledge.

I nurse no contempt against leaders however it is unfortunate that a systemic moral relapse has occurred and as a nation, we are left to draw leaders from this polluted pond. The stench coming off this moral pond spells no immediate solution. It is near impossible to point to any aspect of our national life that reflects the values of our national pledge.

Government agencies have assumed the status of institutions of contempt and impunity. Disregard for human lives and accountability of public resources have long taken a bow and exited the nation's psych and moral courts.

Our human asset capital at best serves other nations other than our country. Our Children are at risk of becoming economic slaves and migrants.