Executive Rascals or Leaders


I am without doubt that much has been said and done regarding the Nigerian Nation. The situations arising from conflicts, corruption and contempt by the political class is diminishing and defying every known values and effort to restore order and develop wealth in the nation.

The trend points daily to anarchy and disorder. The security system has been severely assaulted and technically compromised and the institutions reduced to mere VIP guards at the expense of tax payers whose interests are not accommodated in the sphere of political thinking. Instead, the interests of the Nigerian people have become manipulated by politicians who merely mention political dividends as campaign promises without any evidence that they will deliver on their words.

But much power lies with us to determine the fate and opportunities of these predators. We must deploy our voting force in the next election to eliminate our known common enemies.

The activities of men and women whose only vision is to strategize and be in positions using political party platform is over. We must not allow executive touts and miscreants determine our future, understanding the end result of such choice will take the entire nation lower by the day.

We must not mortgage the future of our children and grand and great grand children." A stitch in time saves nine".