Erosion of Family Life, Morals and Values

The Family life which was once the pride and glory of almost every home in our Society have gradually hit an erosion point.

The melting point of morals and values and the blacksmith's equivalent of the furnace in homes has become history in our time. We are at a risk of not passing on to a generation the most vital potent empowerment in life.

Our children have become tube modelled and make-believe media stunts without character, culture nor values. No wonder we are witnessing incompetent and chronic corrupt leadership. No society gives what they do not have.

How did we allow our family life and the platform for cultivating integrity, checks and balances to be eroded?

Single parentage is like moulding blocks without adequate cement. When poverty extends to family life, it is an indication that a society is lost; we were meant to hand over to our children a flag of patriotism without stain.

Each one tell one.