Economic And Financial Crime In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country where over 80% of her wealthiest men and women do not have a history of known investments and taxable income, and over 80% of the same population wallow in abject poverty, can hardly afford health care, a meal and shelter and live in squalor.

The level of opulence among the criminally wealthy has beaten the imagination and calculations of the world's best economists. More Nigerian security men, guard these questionable characters and with better weapons and equipment than those who patrol our communities.

This has helped the criminals to identify and target the hard working and unguarded majority. It suggests to me that we have become a society that officially endorses stealing and fraud. An average Nigerian's income or annual wage cannot pay for his family's basic necessities. Public servants have become accessories to criminal cover ups in order to survive the scourge of inadequacies.

This is a great moral indictment to our system.

Listening leaders do not watch while their society and people waste...